Puppies Get Bored you Know

I think Derek learned the valuable lesson he remembered from somewhere on the ….chew string…Internet someone saying don’t give trust too fast because just when he thought I’d handled peeing on the potty mat I got to go into the hall and I had to let one go due to the excitement, a pee not a poo just in case you’re wondering. Continue reading “Puppies Get Bored you Know”

Welcome to my Blog

Hi there, my name is Ted, Ted Chewstring, and I’ve just arrived at my new home and I got to tell you it’s been a funny old few days. …Grrrrr I want to chew string… Oh and by the way you’ll have to forgive me cos I keep getting distracted. It’s like when I’m trying to guess what he wants for my treats, I kinda get distracted by the smells and sounds of my world, which at the moment is a kitchen, …what! what! what is that smell?… Where was I? Oh yes, I get distrac… chew the string…

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