How does he Train me? Chicken

Here’s a video of a normal walk for us. It usually has all the exciting things and sometimes he’ll walk me past and resist the urge to run …I got super puppy legs…

All the video’s he does of me are only the best bits when the camera was rolling but in this video he wanted to show how much goes into teaching a dog to fetch and how to keep your puppies attention off leash. Also beware of distractions and give your puppy a reason to want to come back. Make it your puppies decision …chew the decision… to do it for themselves and you will have a dog that does the right thing.

…chicken chicken chicken… Continue reading “How does he Train me? Chicken”

What is Dominance?

You humans have got a Lion king view of the whole dominance issue, standing proud with all those around fearfully respecting …chew anyone… but from a puppies point of view it’s Continue reading “What is Dominance?”

Puppy Training Tip

If you are lucky enough to get an eight week old puppy then you have the perfect best friend providing mum has taken care of things in a safe environment.

Ted on the balconyContinue what mum has started which was to show instruction, your puppy will love instruction. Your puppy will be aware that teeth must be used cautiously so do not indicate that chewing your fingers is fun. It may be for you but for your puppy it’s a green light when mum has said no. As soon as your puppy’s teeth touch your skin stop whatever it is that you are doing. Your puppy will quickly learn not to bite for fun and affection to continue. Continue reading “Puppy Training Tip”