My Next Appointment is Friday

PDSA Treatment Ted at Home Resting

Check out how yesterdays appointment went

So lots of rest to recover

PDSA Treatment Ted at Home Resting on the Balcony
Chilling on the Balcony

If you have already seen the video then you’ll know that I’m lazing around waiting on Friday. He’s being very good and I’m wearing my plastic bag to to keep my green dressing dry.

It made him think that the plastic bag could be improved using Non Newtonian fluids and was wondering if it’s worth experimenting with corn flour and water. …get them on amazon… already done…

PDSA Monty treatment for allergies
Monty being treated for allergies

As you can tell I had a great time and the best part of the day was meeting other dogs …chew the dogs… and like me they were all there to see the PDSA.

While I was getting my bandage changed he went out to speak to everyone and he’s looking forward to meeting more animals on Friday. …chew them all…

Click on an image to see my friends

Love the PDSA

Please help PDSA by donating a little here This is my campaign to raise awareness and money for the PDSA.

In my next video you will discover new friends, speaking of which, Monty, Benson, Carra and Brady are now in my Friends Gallery, and you’ll see how my treatment is going and he’s hoping to get an inside look into the wonderful care at PDSA

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I was born on the 27th of July 2015 at ten to ten in the evening. I have four brothers and four sisters, my mum's name is Piper and my gran's name was Cara. I now live with Derek in Edinburgh, Scotland and we are Thunder Buddies for life. I can sit, lie down, stay, ignore the food, look at me, touch a hand and my favourite is I can play fetch. I love chicken and will do anything for it. I love to chew string

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