Do dogs dream of cats

Dreaming of Cats

As long as I remember cats just seem to run away or do their ninja claw thing with a hiss that sounds like an emasculated mountain lion. A real mountain lion roars and say’s “I’m here” where as these domesticated versions, well they scream “Get away from me” I think it’s a tip they picked up from you humans.

And all I want to do is say hello …chew the cat… and I got my chance when one of his puppies went and got a couple of kittens so he decided to get a camera out and film me with the …chew the kittens… I’m so well behaved, he’s not he was gonna cook a kitten!

…chew the video and share…

Author: Ted Chewstring

I was born on the 27th of July 2015 at ten to ten in the evening. I have four brothers and four sisters, my mum's name is Piper and my gran's name was Cara. I now live with Derek in Edinburgh, Scotland and we are Thunder Buddies for life. I can sit, lie down, stay, ignore the food, look at me, touch a hand and my favourite is I can play fetch. I love chicken and will do anything for it. I love to chew string

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