Can I do Tricks?

Not to be asked in a night club

Teach your dog to cross the road safely
Waiting patiently to cross the Road when I’m told

This question was posed by a dog trainer who loves teaching his dog tricks and it got my human thinking about it. Well the answer to that is no because he …chew the human… decided it was cruel to make me want and agonise over food so he stuck to the basics. Sit, stay and come here though I do love fetch and football and never need food to play those games.

A good walk, happiness and feeling safe are key ingredients to a well behaved dog.

Keeping dog safe is key to happiness
Ted Doing the Dog Food Advert

The rest is really all about behaving and I’ve never misbehaved or done anything like chew or destroy things. He leaves food out and I never take it unless given it. I might take my own time but I always come when he calls and I’m magic around other dogs and humans. He really did make sure I socialised as a puppy and as an adult too. It’s important because I don’t know how I’d be without meeting other dogs. I live for it and is all I want in life.

Check the video

So we put those words to work when we go out walking and here’s a short video where I wait by the road, I do a trick and then at the end of the walk when we are back to roads I wait for my lead.

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Dreaming of Cats

As long as I remember cats just seem to run away or do their ninja claw thing with a hiss that sounds like an emasculated mountain lion. A real mountain lion roars and say’s “I’m here” where as these domesticated versions, well they scream “Get away from me” I think it’s a tip they picked up from you humans.

And all I want to do is say hello …chew the cat… and I got my chance when one of his puppies went and got a couple of kittens so he decided to get a camera out and film me with the …chew the kittens… I’m so well behaved, he’s not he was gonna cook a kitten!

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Well the PDSA didn’t want my blog’s and well what can I say? It did hurt but not as much as my leg 🙂

I don’t even know how my leg got fixed but tbh it’s the after care that brings real healing and so now my leg is history. An after care that PDSA would have been proud of because he did it like an Olympian coach and what a coach does is watch, observe and respond.

So I can sprint, jump and love life without pain and now that I’m older, oh ye I’m an adult and have a new point of view on the life of dogs and their owners so onward, upward and enjoy.