Shake Your Tension Away

Well that’s what us dogs do and you see us do it all the time and a when we shake it means we’re leaving it behind. Well if you think about it the shake starts at the top and ends right at the end of the tail. Top to bottom and my life seems to have been turned upside down.

Why I need to shake

When the accident happened the first thing I wanted to do was to shake it all behind me. At first he thought I might be fine after a beautiful soul happened by and was very experienced. Though I have to say he was wrong on the diagnosis of my leg so always always get the vet to check. Which is what he did and we’re here together.

I’ve not been able to shake since but this morning I shook my head and his face lit up like a light. I went back to sleep and a little later when I was up I tried a shake and it got to halfway down my back.

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Once I can shake I’ll be a happier dog

You know what it’s like when you want to sneeze but can’t? That’s me and I’m needing to shake this and he thinks that because it’s halfway the pain is starting to subside. So glad it’s only dressings on Monday and I’m off back to sleep.

We’re missing you too Ted

Once I can shake it all behind me I can get on with enjoying the now. I’ve always loved sitting around and being calm and with his help because I can’t shake I’m staying calm doing lots of sleeping and getting better. But I love playing more… and I’m missing my friends.

Author: Ted Chewstring

I was born on the 27th of July 2015 at ten to ten in the evening. I have four brothers and four sisters, my mum's name is Piper and my gran's name was Cara. I now live with Derek in Edinburgh, Scotland and we are Thunder Buddies for life. I can sit, lie down, stay, ignore the food, look at me, touch a hand and my favourite is I can play fetch. I love chicken and will do anything for it. I love to chew string

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