The Swan Family Likes Me Now

We went to meet the Swan Family again and this time I got close enough they hissed at me …chew the swan… but we persevered and they became friendly with us. …chew the bread… Here’s the Video

Ted Meeting the Heron

Out and about and we bumped into Mr Heron on the Union Canal in Wester Hailes. As usual he gets me to sit and watch in order to learn about Herons? …chew the Heron….

Pupdate On How I’m Getting On

It’s a dogs life and it’s great and the training? …chew the training… well according to him it’s not even training any more it’s more about sticking to what I’ve learned.

His training goals were to have a calm, happy dog that can think for himself. By way of training he would describe it as “Give a treat when I do the right things” and waits a lot until I make up my own mind, to do what he wants, and get chicken.

In the house? Eazy Peazy cos there are no distractions.

Outside on my own with NO other dogs? That’s Eazy Peazy most of the time

Outside with other dogs? That’s a different story but I’m getting better. Check the video