First time at the Vet

Ted at the Vet

I went to the Vet yesterday and I had a great time. I met other dogs and a cat which was fantastic as I was starting to think I was the only dog in the world. I mean I haven’t seen one since I left my family way back ….where’s my Frisbee? It’s been a while and I haven’t missed them too much as I don’t whine and cry which amazed Derek cos that’s what he thought I would do. To be fair I thought it would be him whining and moaning but we’ve both been very happy.

By the way that’s not me in the photo, we had to get a stand in cos Derek forgot his camera but will get photos the next time.

So I went to the Vet and it was awesome. I met other dogs in the waiting room and it’s called that cos we’re waiting on a treat cos that’s all the Vet gave me. Tho I’m not sure if something happened cos I was a bit sleepy for a few hours but by the evening I was doing my mad banshee run around the kitchen and we had a great game of tug. Sets me up for bed time and I can go six and a half hours without peeing or pooing and in the morning, for my extra long big pee, I get yummy chicken and it’s worth holding it in for lol and a game of tug afterwards.

I have got good at tug and I love being dragged around on my tummy and it’s not all about me cos I let him have my toy and then he throws it and I go and bring it back and so it goes on. We have a great time and he keeps saying that when I’m allowed to go outside I’m gonna play lot’s of this game. I’m not sure what it’s called as he’s never said but I’m guessing he’s waiting till I can play it properly. Sometimes I get this incredible urge to run to my bed with the toy, right past him so I’m not quite sure what I’m to do… give it back or take it to my bed? to be honest a lot of it depends on the speed I’m going and he’s just a blur in the corner of my nose and eyes.

So the vet was fun …where are my new friends? and I have to go back in two weeks time and then after that treat I wait a week and I can go explore the rest of the world oh and of course pee and poo outside (I think but I’ll work it out)

I can’t wait …where’s my bouncy ball?

Author: Ted Chewstring

I was born on the 27th of July 2015 at ten to ten in the evening. I have four brothers and four sisters, my mum's name is Piper and my gran's name was Cara. I now live with Derek in Edinburgh, Scotland and we are Thunder Buddies for life. I can sit, lie down, stay, ignore the food, look at me, touch a hand and my favourite is I can play fetch. I love chicken and will do anything for it. I love to chew string

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