Ted Swimming at Bonaly Reservoir

Another wee video of me enjoying a swim and walk with the humans


Dreaming of Cats

As long as I remember cats just seem to run away or do their ninja claw thing with a hiss that sounds like an emasculated mountain lion. A real mountain lion roars and say’s “I’m here” where as these domesticated versions, well they scream “Get away from me” I think it’s a tip they picked up from you humans.

And all I want to do is say hello …chew the cat… and I got my chance when one of his puppies went and got a couple of kittens so he decided to get a camera out and film me with the …chew the kittens… I’m so well behaved, he’s not he was gonna cook a kitten!

…chew the video and share…


Well the PDSA didn’t want my blog’s and well what can I say? It did hurt but not as much as my leg 🙂

I don’t even know how my leg got fixed but tbh it’s the after care that brings real healing and so now my leg is history. An after care that PDSA would have been proud of because he did it like an Olympian coach and what a coach does is watch, observe and respond.

So I can sprint, jump and love life without pain and now that I’m older, oh ye I’m an adult and have a new point of view on the life of dogs and their owners so onward, upward and enjoy.