Golf! Are you Serious?

I don’t know what he’s up to but on the last walk we took a golf club and some golf balls and we played games. …chase the ball…¬†Now I’m no expert but my main skill is retrieving and I’m sure it wont work if I’m bringing them back. Which is maybe why, when we went looking for a golf ball I got a treat just for touching it with my nose. Continue reading “Golf! Are you Serious?”

Best Walk So Far

Wow I’m loving this walking business though if you’d have asked me yesterday he reckoned I had to come home cos I was gonna fail. I mean it was windy and there was all sorts of stuff blowing around and yes I was a bit distracted¬†…chase the paper… so we went back in to play tug and chase round the kitchen.¬†…today was the dog’s blogs… Continue reading “Best Walk So Far”

Excitement to a Puppy is Like Candy Crush to a Human

When a human is playing Candy Crush, reading a book or working, it’s a common experience that when someone calls your name you don’t even hear them because you are so engrossed in whatever it is you’re doing. It could be a film or your favourite soap opera. Some people are really bad at it and it’s difficult to get their attention when they are busy doing something.

Well that’s exactly what it’s like when us puppies and dogs are excited, Continue reading “Excitement to a Puppy is Like Candy Crush to a Human”