Golf! Are you Serious?

I don’t know what he’s up to but on the last walk we took a golf club and some golf balls and we played games. …chase the ball…¬†Now I’m no expert but my main skill is retrieving and I’m sure it wont work if I’m bringing them back. Which is maybe why, when we went looking for a golf ball I got a treat just for touching it with my nose. Continue reading “Golf! Are you Serious?”

Here’s me Playing Outside

I’m free from the kitchen!

I’m eleven¬†weeks old now and a very happy puppy (most of the time) by that I have been known to go in a mood when the chicken stops. What the trainers on YouTube didn’t tell him is I would get a bit obsessed with chicken, thinking it could be coming any time, sitting and lying down in the hope it might spring a bit of chicken from his clutching hand. He even wonders if it’s cruel to make me think about it all the time, what do you think? Let me know in comments Continue reading “Here’s me Playing Outside”

My First Game of Fetch

I’m nine and a half weeks old and he has taught me the game of fetch and luckily he had set up the camcorder and we managed to catch the whole game.

Continue reading “My First Game of Fetch”