Who wants to see me in action?

Check out this video of me running around the kitchen. Even though this video was shot a few days ago I’m even bigger. Which is my owners fault cos he feeds me good stuff like chicken …where’s the chicken?… 

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Why the Clicker is Brilliant

I can’t remember why but when Derek (that’s my pack leader) pulled out the hair brush to groom me I got scared and didn’t like it all. He’s a bit slow on all of this but a few days he came up with the idea of using the clicker to introduce the brush. Continue reading “Why the Clicker is Brilliant”

First time at the Vet

I went to the Vet yesterday and I had a great time. I met other dogs and a cat which was fantastic as I was starting to think I was the only dog in the world. Continue reading “First time at the Vet”